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IT Support & Ticket System 123

If you're looking for an IT support remote services with an Ticket system in place to support your business or IT personal issues then our IT support/Ticket system 123 is the service for you.

this services is in place to help you with your daily IT issues when ever its replacing a dead hard drive onsite or remotely connecting you to one of our IT support engineer to get the task done! 

So why don't you Give one of our IT engineers a call or send us message today

for a no obligation quote to see how the DDS group can help you with your IT needs.

Our Services
  • IT consultant

  • Ad Hoc networking

  • Operation system support Windows & Mac

  • Trouble shooting and solving problems

  • Managed software and licensing updates

  • Upgrades hardware or software

  • Email setup and configuration

  • Onsite or remote control access

  • Device heath check

  • Staff queries 


IT Remote
Support Service


Emails & Calls Support


Onsite Support


The person on the other end of a phone call, online chat, or email string is known as level 1 support. They are tasked with identifying the issue and recommending the most common solutions. Level 1 personnel are critical in problem resolution. They are the individuals who define the problem and gather as much information as possible in order to solve it. If they are unable to resolve the problem, the case is escalated to a Level 2 or Level 3 support specialist.


Level 2 support necessitates the use of someone with more technical knowledge. If a level 1 technician is unable to resolve the problem, it is escalated to level 2 personnel. In turn, they work to resolve the problem. End-user issues can usually be resolved at level 2. If a problem at level 2 cannot be resolved, it is escalated to level 3 support specialist.

A problem rarely progresses beyond level 2. Level 3 issues are handled by hardware. These are flaws Hardware-level issues may necessitate the purchase of new components.


Level 3 support necessitates a more hands-on approach. If a level 2 technician is unable to resolve the problem, it is escalated to level 3 personnel. They are more hands-on in resolving the problem. In most cases, replacing failed hardware or upgrading to a new component if required, also assistance in setting up new equipment.

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