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IT Support & Ticket System 123

Do you need some remote assistance?

Perfect, we can help using our online ticket system to assist you with your issue. This service will allow you to book an online session, usually the same day, so that one of our engineers can help you with your issue. 

Keeping you up and running, whilst we aim to prevent the least disruption possible to your business or personal life. 

What are you waiting for?

Send us a message or email us today, for a free no-obligation quote.

Our Services
  • IT consultant

  • Ad Hoc networking

  • Operation system support Windows & Mac

  • Trouble shooting and solving problems

  • Managed software and licensing updates

  • Upgrades hardware or software

  • Email setup and configuration

  • Onsite or remote control access

  • Device heath check

  • Staff queries 

Emails & Calls Support


IT Remote
Support Service


Onsite Support



The support at this stage, whether you're on the online chat portal or emailing us, is your level 1 support.

This support is in place so that we can identify the issue and recommend the most suitable resolution for your needs.

This is an important stage in resolving your issue. Here we are able to clearly define your problem and gather as much information from you, as possible, to solve it. If the issue can not be resolved at this level, we will escalate your issue to our Level 2 operations. 


Level 2 will work with you and your needs to find a more technical resolution. In this stage, the end-user issues can usually be resolved. However, for more complex cases we will escalate further to our level 3 stage for a more specialist resolution. 

A problem rarely progresses beyond level 2, however in the event that it does need that much more advanced attention, not to worry our level 3 specialists will handle this for you and will provide some resolutions that best suit your requirements. Level 3 issues, usually means a more hardware based resolution is required. This will incur an additional cost, BUT not to worry we got you covered. We will arrange a suitable payment arrangement that is affordable to you. 


Level 3 support requires a hands-on approach, don't worry, we can collect your item from wherever you are and take it to our lab to fit whatever parts are required to get you back up and running, and we aim to return your device back to you the very same day, in some instances we are not able to guarantee this, but we work very hard to fulfill this, so that we can prevent any hold-ups. However, this is based on individual cases as some may need more time than others. 

It may also be possible for us to provide you with a temporary device in the meantime, to avoid any inconvenience. 

How it works.

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For a quote click here and complete the form or if you prefer, give us a call to discuss your enquiry.

Reply Back

We will respond to your request, as quickly as we can, by call or email, to discuss your issue or request with a free quote, and further details on what will happen next and how we can best assist you.

Accept Quotation

Once you agree with the quote, then we can arrange a consultation with one of our specialists. 

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